Aspiring Young Artist, Amani Albaidhani with Black Camel

Using the noun artist to label Aimani, it just generalizes her talents. She is a painter. A Poetess.  A training-to-be graphologist. Like many aspiring young artists in a political instable country, studying art in a standard institute is not possible. Many of them are self-taught artist. Every of her painting has a hidden story. The story tells what inspires her and mostly, her life story. She is an active artist in participating in various exhibitions.

Look at her most famous painting, she would not want to sell it and therefore, she offers a price not affordable for the buyers. This remains as her master piece by far. In fact, her sister was the main agent who inspired her. Before she visited Wadi Dhar, a valley not far outside of Sana’a City, her sister painted a beautiful picture of the Wadi for her. After she visited the Wadi, she was very sad and disappointed. She named this piece “The Nature from My Imagination.” She painted this piece after she returned from the trip and what was originally in her mind instead of what Wadi Dhar actually is.

aimani 1

“The Nature from My Imagination”

Looking at this painting, Aimani said that the right part is the most difficult part for her to paint because she needed to insert her own imagination of the Wadi as apart from the reality. In reality, the castly is supposed to be on top of the mountain and she did not like it. Then she painted it in the lower part.

aimani 2

“The Freedom of Nature”

Aimani is a fan of landscape. Her second piece is inspired by her trip to al-Baidh. She went to a wadi and immediately fell in love with it. She remembered there was a well and a plumb. The symbolic of the well for her is related to freedom because water running constantly. In this painting, Aimani incorporates many surrealism elements. For instance, as seem in the painting, there is a stone and she painted it like a bird. This piece is named “Freedom of Nature.”


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