Shisha/Cafe in Sana’a


  • Black Camel’s Pick for Coffee

Coffeeshop Company Yemen: wifi: indoor
**Review: Good Quality Coffee. Good service. One of the best place in town for espresso.
LocationMAP inside of Dharma Mall/Supermarket (where Redtag at)

Aroma Coffee: in/outdoor: wifi: beverage (coffee, soft drinks, milk shakes…etc.)
**Review: Great atmosphere both in/outdoor. Aroma has a beautiful garden for both family and friends to hang out. They serve very nice coffee  – up to standard. The price is similar to any other coffee shops in Hadda. They have a good selection in their menu – many choices from ice cream to coffee. Black Camel was waiting for almost one hour there in our first time. We would go back again because of the atmosphere. We hope that they would improve their service to match the environment of the coffee shop.
Location: Raha Street, Diplomatic Block

 Papparoti: wifie:beverage:bun: in/outdoor
We are supposed to support local coffee shop. This is a franchise own by Yemenis. I think own by tribalmen. Nonetheless, the cafe has very nice menu. The bun is okay. Black Camel would not say it is amazing but the quality of coffee is comparable with Coffee Company. We believe the baristas have not reached the level of can do coffee art as compare with other coffee.  The price is a bit more expensive than Coffee Corner because you would pay for the nice atmosphere. They have two tents in the roof for ladies. They have good service. Friday is the busiest day. We have to wait 45 minuets for our coffee. It definitely worth visiting!
Location: Iran Street (near Al Bustan Hotel); phone (01 413 253)

Coffee Corner: wifi: beverage: in/outdoor
**Review: Coffee Corner has a very nice outdoor environment. It is quiet and the music is very relax. It also has a good bakery. 
Location:  Algiera St (beginning of Algeria st cross diary st. next to zu), Sana’a, Amanat Al Asimah,Yemen <MAP>

Coffee Trader: wifi: beverage: in/outdoor
**Review: They serve all kinds of coffee and beverage and cakes. Nice garder. I personally do not perfer this place.
Location: Homepage

  • Black Camel’s Pick for Shisha

Lieyalina (Crispy Chicken 24/7): beverage: shisha: restaurant:indoor
**Review: The restaurant in the first floor serves fast food (pizza, chicken nuggest, etc.). The second floor is  for shisha.  It is in the diwan style and bedu tents. It gives you a traditional feel. The serves are good. My favor choice is the “real” apple shisha with tobacco in the middle. It is about 1,500. The shisha takes time to warm up and it gets soon. The disadvantage of this place is outdoor or the roof. Sometimes the place lacks of air.
Location: Ask for Haddah Hotel direction. It is across from Lamaar Hotel.

Deja Vu: wifi:beverage:shisha:restaurant (cakes): out/indoor 
**Review: It locates in the main street and very modern and pleasant atmosphere. It is another good place to watch football (soccer). Their shisha is quit expensive 1,000 riyal and up but the flavor last quit long.

Amore: wifi:beverage/Shisha/Restaurant: in/outdoor seating
**Review: Atmosphere is not pleasant inside the building. In summer time, the courtyard is full of people. I personally prefer the garden. There is a tent for raining day. I would say it is way pleasant than the one in Newscafe but not for qat-chewing. Look through their menu, it seems like serve seafood and steaks. I have never ordered any so cannot say much. For all my times there, I have experienced three-time that my shisha did not work. So don’t feel embarrass and ask the waiter to change. They are happy to change for you. The Shisha flavor last longer than in Newscafe and the price is almost the same.
Location: two blocks from Algier st. then you see a honey shop. You turn right and it is cross a street from a bakery.

~.~ Alternative List ~.~

Newscafe: wifi: beverage/Shisha: in/outdoor 
**Review: Well, not really African feel for me except the music (play sometimes by the receptionist) and the Ethiopian coffee set near the reception area. The balcony provides good atmosphere – it is near the entrance. The rooms do not provide pleasant atmosphere in the first floor; they are for particular purpose! In the second floor, which is the rooftop, tents were set up like “Diwan” for qat-chewing and social purpose. It looks like refugee camps to me. They serve all kind of beverage: juice, sodas, and coffee. You have to pay to stay in the tent for chewing qat. Their shisha is fine but I will not go there for shisha. The flavor does not last-long. It is about 800 riyal and up.
Location: Hadda 

Facebook Cafe:  wifi: beverage: indoor
**Review: They serve good shisha. it is around 1,500 riyal. When you walk in, the first floor with blue light is for men – I think it is a disco. The second floor is for women and family. The atmosphere is nice.  Good music. They have a good menu: their salad is not bad. They serve salad, sandwich, and others. (The environment of Facebook has changed. I no longer recommend this place anymore.)
Location: Haddah, Zero Street.

Nadi Hawaii (Hawaiian): Male-ONLY (NO Women and Gun):shisha:shoot pool:table tennis:billiards table: outdoor 
**Review: no review available since as a woman I’m not able to enter. 

Location: near Amore.

Burj Al Salam Hotel: wifi:beverage:restaurant:shisha:in/outdoor seating
**Review: restaurant in the roof-top; Shisha is around 1,000 riyal and up. Most importantly, it is not a good shisha. The flavor does not last long. It can be finish very fast. However, the atmosphere is amazing. You can see the old city and the night view of it also. They sever great food also.
Location: Old Sana’a

Dawood Hotel: beverage:restaurant:shisha:in/outdoor
**Review: This is well-maintain old building in the old city. There is no elevator so you have to walk all the way up to the roof. The roof provides very pleasant view also but not comparable to Burj Al Salam Hotel. The reception is very nice. Their shisha is around 500 riyal. Personally I do not like their shisha. It is not well-prepared or they do not know how to prepare it. The people I brought there were fine with it. So it depends.
Location: Old Sana’a

Al Bustan Hotel: wifi:beverage/restaurant: shisha: in/outdoor with a swimming pool
 Great menu (soup, salad, sandwich, and pizza…etc.) The menu is in dollar currency. The atmosphere is very nice and quiet. A great place to dine and shisha. The shisha is okay.
Location: Near Mocha Bunn Coffee in Hadda 

Frisco Cafe: N/A 

Mocha Bun: wifi: in/outdoor: all kind of beverage
Mocha Bun locates in a very quiet place off the Iran Street. It has a very nice environment. The price is more or less the same as other coffee shops.
Location: It is near Al Bustan

Fee Coffee: wifi: in/outdoor/all kind of beverage
It has a very quiet environment. If you want to spend a day working, this is one of the places for it. The coffee is rather than as others.


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